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Automated property management for real estate owners that to run multichannel marketing capabilities on the same platform that tracks tenant rent and lease durations


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Yardi-rentcafe is a property management tool that helps property owners to manage their properties online. It offers solutions such as assisting clients to post their properties, rent them out, or lease out the properties. Clients can also use Yardi-rentcafe to communicate with property owners and make maintenance requests.

Listing syndication is a powerful tool utilized to market property in today’s online retail environment. It allows users to list their property on dozens of property websites automatically. This helps property owners to reach thousands of potential clients with just a few clicks.

Suppose you want to update a particular detail about your property, such as pricing. Yardi-rentcafe can help you do so automatically, and this works to save the time you would have lost updating various websites manually. Once you update the details on Yardi-rentcafe, the other websites where the properties are listed update automatically.

Yardi-rentcafe makes leasing easy by digitizing all steps of leasing out a property. Property owners can accept applications online, screen their potential clients, and manage the lease online. This means that they can save the time and resources that they could have used by doing this process manually.

The platform also makes work easier for firms, especially when it comes to managing multiple properties. This is because the tool helps property owners cut on the number of human resources needed to manage a property. With it, companies with many properties are able to reduce expenditures on the workforce, fuel, and costs such as colossal office spaces.

With Yardi-rentcafe, a small number of property managers can manage many properties using just their computers. The reduction of paperwork also helps to make the process less cumbersome with few to no hitches.

Yardi-rentcafe enables the property owner to collect rent online. Online payment solutions allow clients to pay rent from the comfort of their office or living room. This is convenient for both property owners and clients who can pay their rent even if they are out of town or away on holiday.

Electronic payments are also easier to track even when there is a dispute because clients can quickly access online statements by making a few clicks on their device. Property owners can collect fees at a low cost since they don’t need many resources, staffing, or tons of paperwork to process. This improves profitability and return on investment.

Clients are also able to make a maintenance request through Yardi-rentcafe. This process is more convenient since clients can make the request without leaving their sofa or desk. With Yardi-rentcafe, clients are able to describe the issue, take photos, and access the work order form.


  • It helps to improve communication
  • It enables the clients and property owner to cut cost
  • It allows access from anywhere as long as you a connection


  • Sometimes it may take longer to get a response
  • Sometimes the system is slow
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